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Job Specification

  1. Number of Vacancies: 1
  2. Expiry Date: 2019-07-29
  3. Job Type: Full Time
  1. Experience: 3 to 5 years
  2. Functional Area:
  3. Job Code: JB104493

Job Description

    • Establishes policies and procedures within, which facilitates the fulfillment of the audit functions mission and objectives in line with the Company’s overall strategies and directions. 
    • Develops a detailed Company wide audit plans, programs and audit charter and obtains the Board of Directors approval. 
    • Undertakes audit to achieve the aim of safeguarding the Company by identifying and addressing risks arising from poor or inadequate systems and controls. 
    • Monitors the progress of work vis-à-vis the work plan. 
    • Submits formal reports on all audit findings, adequacy of Company’s policies of internal controls, effectiveness of the management’s utilization of resources and control and compliance over the operations and remedial action required to overcome operating weaknesses or lapses. 
    • Establishes procedures to follow-up on the status of recommendations made on issues identified during the review of the Company’s activities. 
    • Undertakes special assignments as required involving investigations into potential irregularities. 
    • Partners with business and technology management to correct control deficiencies. 
    • Raises awareness of the importance of compliance with staff at all levels, highlights recurrent problems to be addressed, as well as staff awareness regarding their responsibilities and the importance of consistent application of policies and procedures. 
    • Reviews the computerized Company’s IT system and projects to ensure the sufficiency of security controls and requirements. 
    • Reviews and reports whether authorities of delegation within the Company is sufficient enough to eliminate constraints on prompt customer service. 
    • Ensures that all Company audits and documentation are in compliance with professional audit standards. 
    • Establishes an effective method of communication between the Audit function and other business functions within the Company. 
    • Provides advices and consultation to Senior Management, VPs and Departments’ Managers on all audit and compliance areas. 
    • Liaises with external auditors to cover potential audit risks. 
    • Acts as the internal audit committee. 
    • Liaises with the internal Board Audit Committee as secretary. 
    Skills and Qualifications:
    • Specialized knowledge: Should be able to apply International Finance reporting standards (IFRS) accepted standards and market ethics applicable in Saudi Arabia. He should also be familiar with CMA & SAMA audit and compliance requirements, local laws and regulations and other external agencies’ regulations, as applicable to the audit and compliance activities of the Company. 
    • 3 – 5 years of experience in one of big 4 companies 
    • Bachelor degree in accounting or related field 
    • Professional Certification: CPA, CIA certification is preferred 
    • High level of Arabic and English interpersonal skills and communication skills both written and oral 
    • Knowledge of financial/ business analysis techniques. 
    • Skills in budget preparation and fiscal management. 
    • Professional expertise. 
    • Team spirit. 
    • Financial orientation. 
    • Self-starting initiative. 
    • Adjust communications to audience. 
    • Decisiveness and Judgment. 
    • Impact and Influence.